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Some early adopters of InteraXon’s Muse clearly understand how to creatively use a brain-sensing headband. Instead of hacking Muse in order to build an even healthier fitness wearable, they created Pour Courtesy, possibly the best party game ever.The way it works: two players put on a Muse headband, and whomever concentrates harder pours a drink for their opponent.

The idea of Pour Courtesy came up on a site3 mailing list in 2013 when the members decided to create a mind-controlled drinking game inspired by the greatest work of Douglas Adams, The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.

The book describes a drinking game called “Janx Spirit”, traditionally played by two opponents telekinetically pouring drinks into their opponent’s glass.

Read the excerpt from the book below, then enjoy the video of this phenomenal Muse powered pouring machine decorated with blinky lights and nice wood-finish:

 “At a hyperspace port serving the mining belts Ford Prefect learned to play a drinking game described as a form of psychic arm wrestling. … The game was not unlike the Earth game called Indian Wrestling, and was played like this: Two contestants would sit either side of a table, with a glass in front of each of them. Between them would be placed a bottle of Janx Spirit … Each of the two contestants would then concentrate their will on the bottle and attempt to tip it and pour spirit into the glass of his opponent – who would then have to drink it. The bottle would then be refilled. The game would be played again. And again.”

Pour Courtesy is the creation of Marc Reeve-Newson, Kate Murphy and Paul Shields, all from Site 3 coLaboratory