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Combining Google Glass with consumer oriented BCI headsets isn’t a new idea, but MindRDR claims to be the very first open source application which actually connects the Neurosky EEG headset to Google’s wearable.

Probably the most exciting feature of MindRDR, developed by London-based user experience company This Place, is the possibility of taking photos and sharing them on Twitter and Facebook by simply using brainwaves alone. The app is free on GitHub in hopes that other developers will use it for more advanced projects.

On the tiny Glass display MindRDR application shows up as white line, moving up as the user’s concentration level rises. Once the line reaches the top, it takes a photo of whatever you are looking at. By repeating the process, the photo will be uploaded to your predefined social network.

The current version of MindRDR uses the commercially available brain monitor Neurosky MindWave Mobile to extract core metrics from the mind. In the future, though, the creators hope that MindRDR could be a help to quadriplegics patients, people with multiple sclerosis, and those suffering from locked-in syndrome.

“We didn’t start the project to make money,” Creative Director Chloe Kirton told the Register. “For us, it’s just about standing among giants, being among greatness. One of things I find most exciting is just looking at people and realizing they look Borg-life. Our desire is to bypass that fear of putting tech close to our bodies.”


MindRDR - Google Glass + NeuroSky MindWave Mobile

MindRDR - Google Glass + NeuroSky MindWave Mobile