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Hello everyone from NeuroGaming 2014 in San Francisco, the second iteration of the emerging neurogaming arena’s biggest show! The first day of the conference was exciting, to say the least! There are over 38 exhibitors, including the top 3 projects from this weekend’s hackathon, and over 500 attendees. What’s more, this year a live video stream allows anyone to watch the conference panels online.The  balanced mix of researchers, developers, artists, and technology enthusiasts makes for a highly cooperative and creative atmosphere.

It’s fascinating to see how much the field has changed in just one year. Not only are there new EEG headsets (for instance, OpenBCI), but existing headsets have been updated and improved.

Today’s panels discussed the use of neurofeedback hardware in gaming, how this technology can help incorporate human emotions into game play, and how these new technologies can lead to a more immersive experience.

Overall, there seems to be a strong focus on Neurogaming’s ability to make games more engaging, more personalized, and more fun! Additionally, there is a mutual understand that these new technologies can have a great degree of clinical significance if applied correctly.

Stay tuned for more! Day two is still to come.

Check out our NeuroGaming 2014 – Day 1 photos below

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