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As a novelty for this year’s NeuroGaming Conference, a live video stream will be accessible for the public on Twitch, starting today at 10am PST.

UPDATE: All panel talks have been uploaded to Youtube and are free to watch! See the embeds below.

NeuroGaming 2014, the two day conference held between 7-8 May, is the follow up event to last year’s hugely successful debut, where hundreds of consumer BCI industry people -CEOs, game designers, investors, sensor technologists, game developers, neurosoftware experts, and game producers- gathered to create radically new experiences for gamers.

As in the previous year, Melanie from Neurogadget is attending the conference, and will be reporting about what is happening in San Francisco.

Watch the embedded live streaming video below, and check what’s coming up next in this detailed conference schedule.

NeuroGaming 2014 Day 1

NeuroGaming 2014 Day 2