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The future of brain-computer interaction is forming right before our eyes, however many out there aren’t just watching but actively working on laying out where the field is heading. A potential major milestone in this work can be the BNCI Horizon 2020 Retreat, set in Hallstatt, Austria between 24–26 March 2014, involving a dozen of European BCI partners (research groups, companies, end user representatives) in order to create an official roadmap for the BCI field.

Organized by the Graz BCI group, the goal of this retreat is to discuss the future of BCIs with a focus on industrial applications and end users, and to lay out where the field is heading, what is feasible (from technological, ethical, and commercial perspectives), and how BCIs will be used in the (near) future.

As Clemens Brunner, postdoc at the Graz BCI group told to Neurogadget, “the outcome of this project will influence the EC (European Community) in their future funding decisions for this field, so we think that this is a very important effort we’re currently undertaking”.


BNCI Horizon 2020 will present ideas and concepts for the roadmap, and participants will have the opportunity to provide input, feedback, and comments through keynote talks, targeted discussions, and workshops.

Participating companies include (in alphabetical order) DocoboenablingMNTg.tec Guger TechnologiesmBrainTrainMedelMedtronicMind MazeMind Media,Neuroscience TechnologiesNissanOT BioelettronicaOtto BockSpecialEffectStarlabTMSi, and TNO.

Although the registration period is already closed, you might find useful to learn about the existence of this retreat. As usual, we will do our best to keep you updated with the outcome of this meeting.

You can find more information about the project and detailed agenda and list of participating companies on the official website: