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Lucky visitors of the New York Fashion Week 2014 had the rare chance to experience live an exceptional event on the catwalk, even in fashion terms! Created by Sensoree, a San Francisco based company specialized in wearable technology and interactive installations, the NEUROTiQ ‘brain animating’ fashion project exhibits brain states with colors.NEUROTiQ is a wearable fashion accessory that combines knitted and 3d printed elements with Emotiv’s 14 sensors brain-computer interface technology. NEUROTiQ turns brain activity into colorful lights that correspond to specific brain states according to the followings:

  • Delta brainwaves (deep sleep) show up in red
  • Theta state (meditation) activates orange lights
  • Beta (consciousness) turns into yellow-green
  • Gamma is a multi sensory brain state, so it turns on blue, purple, and red bulbs as well

According to the company website, Sensoree promotes extimacy (externalized intimacy) and works with futuristic fabrics made from sustainable materials impregnated with sensitive technologies.

Enjoy these stunning photos below taken by Olivia Christina Photography and make sure to check out Sensoree’s other artistic wearable projects at the official website:

Via: Emotiv Facebook