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Neuroelectrics, a Spanish ‘brain health’ company that makes helmet-like devices to both monitor and stimulate the brain, has just announced the opening of its first U.S. office at the Cambridge Innovation Center.Neuroelectrics (founded in 2011) is a spinoff of Starlab Neuroscience Research (founded in Barcelona in 2000), and both are based in Barcelona, Spain. While Starlab offers electroencephalography (EEG) data analysis services, Neuroelectrics markets and sells two devices: Starstim, a brain stimulator using so-called transcranial current stimulation (a.k.a. TDCS), which it says is being researched as a possible way to help with pain, depression, addiction and post-stroke rehabilitation; and Enobio, a wireless EEG brain monitoring device for research.

While the company said the Starstim device is currently only intended for research, not for clinical use, the company aims to “become the trusted leader in brain health by providing measurement tools and making neuromodulation affordable and available for every patient in need,” said CEO Ana Maiques in a statement.