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In case you missed your chance to purchase the Melon headband last year on Kickstarter, now you can pre-order your personal ‘activity monitor’ on Delivery is scheduled for all new orders in Summer 2014.Melon, formerly known as Axio, is a wearable device equipped with built-in EEG sensors to measure brainwaves and provide feedback in real-time. Similarly to other EEG headsets, Melon aims to give insights that help users understand themselves better and be more mindful and confident in their daily lives.

Last summer, the Melon team ran a massively successful Kickstarter campaign, tripling their original goal and reaching almost $300,000 in sales, which enabled them to start finalizing the headband for mass production.

MelonĀ is available for pre-order in two colors, black and white, for $149 USD.

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