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Self-driving cars may be around the corner but handing over complete control to our vehicles is not the only area of cutting-edge development in the automobile sector. From Ferrari to Nissan and Honda, we have reported about several brainwave-car researches in the past, not to mention the thought-controlled Braindriver that was tested in Germany in 2011.Today we have a cool college project to show you from India, starring a brain driven electric car equipped with the Emotiv EPOC BCI headset.The Engineering and Technology Team at Mount Zion College has built the Think and Drive brain driven hybrid car which uses solar power as well as electric supply to charge the batteries.

The car has received three driving modes: normal steering, keyboard driving -similar to playing racing games with keyboard arrows-,  and most importantly the ‘Think and Drive’ mode where thoughts like ‘push’, ‘pull’, ‘left’, ‘right’ are captured using the Emotiv EEG headset, and forwarded through a computer to the vehicle’s steering mechanism.

The video below will give you a closer idea, just be patient enough to get through the ‘thank you’ messages.

UPDATE: Project page here:
More info and photos: Think and Drive – Facebook
We found the story on: Emotiv Facebook

brain-driven-electric-car-india-1 brain-driven-electric-car-india-2