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More than 3,000 CES attendees answered the questions of ‘CES: What’s Next’, a Facebook game released by IEEE, the world’s largest technical professional organization, in order to predict the future of consumer electronics. While the game is still running, IEEE have already announced the astonishing result of the survey: people want to control home appliances with their mind!

Participants of the game thought that the only thing better than having an app tell your coffee maker that it’s time to start brewing a fresh pot in the morning, is having their brains telling it to serve up a cup. 42% of respondents think that the future smart homes and appliances will be mind controlled.

Dean Aslam, IEEE senior member and professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Michigan State University, explained: “Through use of wearable Microsystems equipped with inexpensive and non-invasive brainwave and muscle sensors, we will be able to set specific patterns and thoughts to turn on ceiling fans, appliances or even lights. When you get cold, all you’ll need to do is blink your left eye twice or think about raising the temperature on the thermostat and you’ll warm right up. If you go to sleep without switching off lights and TV, they will be automatically switched off the moment the sensors find you in the state of sleep.”

‘CES: What’s Next’ is a game on Facebook released by IEEE to gain perspective on four categories of up-and-coming technologies: smart appliances, exoskeletons, curved screens on cellphones and 3D printers. The game is running throughout the month of January and players have a chance to win a $100 Amazon gift card.

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