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NeuroSky went to Vegas, and their CEO Stanley Yang gave an interview at the Digital Health Summit. What we can learn from the video below is that the MindWave Mobile (read our review here) is still the company’s flagship product, and that many of their customers integrated the company’s EEG sensors to their own devices (just think of NecomimiPuzzlebox, Neurocam or Euonia).

We sort of new this already, but Yang also shed light on the future of the consumer EEG field, by demonstrating how EEG devices could be beneficial to the masses. The MindWave Mobile headset can be linked to an iPad to see the user’s brainwaves and facial muscle signals, right? So why not bring a smartwatch into the picture? Measure your cardio signals on your wrist through your fingertip, and analyze your brainwaves at the same time.

“There’s the heart and the brain – mind and body quantified!”, says Yang, adding that “this is just the base technology”, and users probably don’t need really to see how their brainwaves look like. However, NeuroSky has plans to translate these signals into much more comprehensive form, for example warning messages that inform you about your increasing stress level, or minor suggestions on how to live healthier.

While smartphone-connected EEG devices are yet to come, there is no doubt that the upcoming years will bring even more wearable gadgets to consumers, which will likely lead to the realization of a horde smart solutions.