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If we had a ‘WTF Story of the Year Award’, this gadget would definitely be our winner in 2013. No More Woof is an EEG neuroheadset for dogs, intended to translate animal thoughts to human language. Yes, indeed.

If the holiday shopping hasn’t completely emptied your wallet, here’s a perfect chance to invest into something truly unique and original. Although slightly risky too, because the product is at the concept stage, and as Engadget points out, all investments will be kept by the Scandinavian research lab behind No More Woof, even if the product’s crowdfunding campaign is unsuccessful.

But before making any superficial judgments over the credibility of the whole concept, imagine what if dogs could tell what they think. We know they already can in some ways, but what if a loudspeaker would say it out in your mother tongue?

According to the Nordic team, the idea is not just realistic but “it’s really not that complicated as it might seem. It’s just to use existing technologies, but in a new area.”

No More Woof promises to determine some of the most common ‘dog-thoughts’, or rather mental states: “I’m hungry, “I’m tired”, “I’m curious who that is?” and “I want to pee”. Well, while we believe any dog owner understands these messages just by looking at their dog, we agree that a working animal-human communication interface is undoubtedly something that has kept scientists busy for a long time.

To get a closer idea of what these Nordics guys are attempting to achieve, check their Indiegogo page and watch the No More Woof video below, although we should still wait to see it working.

Via Engadget