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A new low-cost, high-quality, and programmable EEG platform has been announced by OpenBCI, a team made up of two creative technologists in Brooklyn NY, Joel Murphy and Conor Russomanno. They have also launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund the production of their affordable and above all open source BCI product.

According to OpenBCI’s press release, the duo started working on their own open-source platform because most of the current research in BCI is happening at the government agency, corporate, and of course university level; however, the market for affordable BCI devices for use outside of a laboratory setting is growing too.

In recent years, a number of commercial EEG platforms have emerged, introducing the technology into areas including gaming, cognitive therapy, art, and fashion, just to name a few.

But the guys at OpenBCI claime that all these innovative devices rely on proprietary hardware and software systems, which can be an obstacle to the growing community of open-source hardware and software enthusiasts from contributing at full capacity.

In response to this issue, OpenBCI plans to retail their just announced device with the software developer suite under $300, a price comparable to existing commercial BCI systems.


On September 21st, OpenBCI showcased the first version of its technology at Maker Faire NYC and won the Maker Faire Educators Choice Award.

OpenBCI held their first hackathon in November 2013, and the team hopes to expand the OpenBCI community by coordinating future hackathons and connecting the technology with more open-source hardware and software.

Make sure to visit the OpenBCI Kickstarter page to help raise funds and also to learn MUCH more details about the project.