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In January 2012 we reported about the first British soldier who got a bionic arm. Now, nearly two years later you can see him living his everyday life with the cutting edge prosthesis.

Andrew Garthwaite, 26, lost his right arm in Afghanistan due to a Taliban grenade.

He was given one arm and learnt how to carry out everyday tasks with it before learning he would have one of the latest models of bionic arm fitted.

The soldier underwent six hours of surgery at a hospital in Austria in January 2012 in a procedure called Targeted Muscle Reinnervation (TMR). Surgeons rewired his nervous system, taking the nerve endings from his shoulder, that would have run down to his hand, and rewired these into his chest muscles.

Over the past 18 months Garthwaite has had the sensation of a hand growing in his chest. Garthwaite has had to learn to use that hand again – with electrodes sending signals into the bionic arm so that he can control the prosthesis.

Via: BBC