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Check out what landed in our email box today: some info about the ReLax Kit, a relatively new, simple and low-cost brainwave sensor. Developed by OP Innovations, the ReLax might not be as refined and beautifully designed as other BCI headsets on the market, but similarly to its bigger brothers, it is definitely able to track an average person’s individual brainwaves.

Just like the Emotiv Insight, NeuroSky MindWave or the InteraXon Muse, the ReLax Kit also advertises itself with the ability of training users how to mentally relax, or how to improve yoga and meditation skills. The bio-sensor included in the kit is promised to be powerful enough, comes with a controller, plus accessories to make taking bio-signal measurements easy.

Best of all, the whole kit only costs $47.00! Not a surprise though from a company like OP Innovations who is specialized on the development of open data, open source, cost effective, ultra-compact and ultra-low power Do-It-Yourself (DIY) consumer bio-sensor input kits.

According to information from the product’s website, using ReLax is very simple. A USB port or charger can charge up the controller with the sensor, which can be worn on forehead.

relax kit

You don’t need a computer, smartphone or download any app. Your “ReLax score” is displayed on the controller, or to be precise, a LED display with different colors:

  • Red light indicates muscle tension,
  • orange light means mental tension,
  • green light shows low level mental tension,
  • blue light can be seen when the user is calm and relaxed.

For those who like digging a bit deeper into data, there is a downloadable APP too (for Windows and OSX), which can display compiled brain wave and facial muscle wave data in a color-coded graph. With a glance at the graph, users can quickly determine their level of stress. Over time, users can learn to control or influence the output toward a desired direction. The ReLax Kit’s app can also display a visual history of a user’s body posture, raising poor posture awareness..

By the way this tiny sensor is claimed to be suitable not just for measuring EEG, ECG/EKG and EMG signals, but also able to capture motion and posture activities, as well as environmental electromagnetic pollutions (EMP). WOW!

We just can’t wait to try one for real. Stay tuned!

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