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Emotiv Insight have not just doubled their Kickstarter goal in less than 24 hours and is currently at over 500% of their funding goal, but with 38 days to go, Emotiv announces a new stretch goal: at one million dollars Insight would be redesigned to incorporate additional features.

If the campaign reaches the $1 million – no doubt it will -, a six-axis inertial sensor will be added to the new headset. The new sensor will consist of a three-axis gyroscope and a three-axis accelerometer, both capable of recording data in low resolution (8 bit) or high (12 bit).

What does it mean in practice? It means that, similarly to its predecessor, Insight will be able to register full head motion and combine this information with real-time EEG data.Imagine if this technology was built into Google Glass, we wouldn’t need to use our voice for commands anymore.

Here’s a list of features coming to Insight in case the campaign reaches more than $1 million:

  • 6-axis inertial sensor (roll, pitch, yaw, vertical, lateral, longitudinal acceleration)
  • 3 axis gyroscope (roll, pitch, yaw)
  • 250/500 degrees per second full scale range per axis – low resolution (8 bit) and high resolution (12 bit) modes via API call
  • 3-axis accelerometer (vertical, lateral, longitudinal acceleration) 2g/8g full scale range – low resolution (8 bit) and high resolution (12 bit) modes via API call

Emotiv Insight’s API and SDK for developers and researchers will also include gyro, mouse, and full head motion detection system linked to control outputs for application development. Incorporation of these additional features to the Emotiv Insight would enable applications such as:

  • Short term full-space head tracking – plot the head trajectory and attitude through complex movements
  • Camera and motion control for navigation and control in real and virtual environments – full control of 3D cursor in CAD package, flight simulators, head mounted mouse, remote controlled vehicles
  • Automatic recognition of gestures – nod YES, head shake NO, shrug and other gestures
  • Recognize, monitor, record and replay exercise, activity
  • Possible extraction of respiration and heart rate using small scale periodic motion.
  • Gait and tremor analysis

“We didn’t know what to expect when we first launched. We’re thrilled with the response so far. To be able to set a new stretch goal to make Emotiv Insight an even more amazing device than we originally intended at launch is incredible. Our backer community has voiced their interest in these features, we’ve listened and are excited to deliver on these new capabilities.” – said Tan Le, founder and CEO of Emotiv.

To learn more about Insight check the Kickstarter campaign or visit the official product page at