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It was just a matter of time before we would see a cross between Google Glass and a consumer oriented brainwave reading headset. After all, both are wearable and fit snugly on your forehead. Combining their forces in one ultra-futuristic gadget would make it possible to display your focus, attention, and relaxation in real time – right in front of your eyes.

Thanks to Walnut Wearables – a team so far existing only as a YouTube account – we’re one step closer to our imminent cyborg future. The mysterious team is working on a minimal EEG device that’s designed to work with Google Glass. Named Walnut, this EEG sensor would be designed specifically for Google Glass to display the users’ brain activity – focus, attention, relaxation – in real time, just like ‘common’ brain-computer interface headsets, but adding for example the possibility of taking a photo when your mind reaches maximum calmness or concentration.

The project is clearly in the conceptual stage at this point, but Walnut Wearables has produced this quick video mock-up to show you how the finished product might look like and work.

Needless to say, we’re very excited about the Walnut concept, so we’ll be keeping an eye on this one. Expect new updates here on NeuroGadget in the near future.


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