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As we had reported a few months ago, the 5th BCI meeting was celebrated from 3 – 7 June, 2013 in Pacific Grove, California. NeuroGadget correspondent Marvin Andujar – PhD. student specialized in brain-computer interfaces at Clemson University – attended the event in person and was kind enough to share his experience and photos with our readers.

This year more than 300 people (from 29 countries and 165 research laboratories) attended the meeting, among the participants were a number of BCI users and researchers, physicians, neuroscientists, neurologists, psychologists, physiatrists, applied mathematicians, computer scientists, clinical rehabilitation specialists and so on. Also, BCI companies like Interaxon, Puzzlebox, g.Tech, Enobio and others participated in the conference.

Prior the conference the 10th BCI 2000 workshop was held for two days. The purpose of this workshop was to give a brief introduction/training to the participants on the BCI2000 software. In case you’re not familiar with it, it’s a general-purpose software platform for BCI research and other neurotechnology applications which has been actively developed and supported since 2000.

This year’s workshop was organized in multiple modules and participants broke into different groups and conducted experiments such as integrating external devices like a Nintendo Wii remote and a joystick with BCI2000. Topics of the workshop discussed Configuration, Conduction, and Analysis of Mu/Beta Experiments and P300, Extending BCI2000 functionality with C++ code, BCI 2000 and python.

An outstanding event this year was the poster presentations/exhibitions. In this event researchers were able to present their work in form of a poster. The work presented in this event were interesting and novel. One work developed a jacket along with a wearable BCI to play video games. The user is able to use their body to play the game, while playing the wearable BCI measures brain activity, which the data is sent to the game. In the exhibition aspect, the companies showed their devices (like in the pictures) and attendees were able to try them on and test its accuracy.

BCI Meeting 2013

BCI Meeting 2013

BCI Meeting 2013

Young researchers (students) were involved tremendously as well. They gave oral and poster presentations, participated in the National Science Foundation Student Colloquium, where they learned more about the BCI research area. Also, they were able to learn from BCI leaders in the lunch with leaders’ event.

Once again, this meeting was carefully organized, so that not just the senior researchers enjoy the conference, but also the young ones as well. See you again in a year at the BCI Meeting 2014!

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