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Neuroknitting. Sounds weird, doesn’t it? Just the word itself makes you think of an odd mixture between cutting-edge technology and an old lady’s hobby, which seems rather uncanny. But the crazy thing is that’s exactly what’s going on here – a pair of artists have somehow managed to combine neuroscience and knitting, and the results are incredible. Read on to find more.

Here at NeuroGadget, we’ve come across plenty of creative and crazy uses of brainwave tech, some of them even related to fashion, but we’ve never really seen anything even remotely like these ‘neuroknitted’ scarves.

I guess there’s a first time for everything.

Using an Emotiv EPOC headset rigged up to a knitting machine, artist-duo Varvara Guljajava and Mar Canet together with MTG researcher Sebastian Mealla were able to capture a snapshot of their brain activity while they listened to music, and then have it recreated by the knitting machine.

The result? Some seriously unique scarves.


Three different types of signals were measured through the 14 channels EPOC headset: relaxation, excitement, and cognitive load. After recording, the signals were converted into a knitting pattern. Every stitch of a pattern corresponds to a unique brain state stimulated by the act of listening so the user’s affective response to music is captured every second in the knitted garment pattern.

NeuroKnitting represents a novel way of personal, generative design and fabrication. The project is a unique approach that brings together affective computing and digital crafts, and offers new applications and creative thinking to both areas.

Read more on the NeuroKnitting page:
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