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Brain tech is about to blow up. In just a few months, world-leading investors, scientists and entrepreneurs will be seeking collaborations and looking for the next neurotech breakthroughs at the first ever BrainTech Israel Conference. Set to kick off on October 14-15, the conference will take place in the heart of Tel Aviv port – one of Israel’s most popular shopping and entertainment centers. For anybody interested in the future of cutting-edge BCI tech, this first-ever conference sounds like a great opportunity to rub elbows with industry leaders and other major neurotech players.

Early bird registration for BrainTech Israel 2013 is now open (discount available until 15th July), so you can save your place for a unique event where hundreds of neurotech innovators and scientists will convene for sessions, panels, and presentations on the emerging brain technology industry.

In conjunction with the conference, BrainTech Israel is hosting a first-of-its-kind exhibition to showcase Israeli brain technology companies and brain research teams. A dedicated MatchMaking session will help to make business networking easier and the conference will also host the $1 Million B.R.A.I.N. Prize Winner Announcement, including TED-style presentations from the competition finalists.

In case you haven’t read our previous posts on the topic, the B.R.A.I.N (Breakthrough Research And Innovation in Neurotechnology) Prize is an international R&D award to be granted to an individual, group or organization for a recent breakthrough in the field of brain technology.

The BrainTech Israel event is organized by a distinguished international steering committee, including Zack Lynch, founder of the recent NeuroGaming Conf & Expo and key representatives of Israel Brain Technologies.

BrainTech Israel 2013 program

Here’s just a quick overview of the conference highlights, but if you’re looking for a more in-depth overview, a full program is available on the official website.

  • Neurotechnology – The Time is Now
  • Brain 3.0 – How Neurotech Will Change Our lives
  • From Startup to Brain Nation: A Spotlight on the Israeli Neurotechnology Industry
  • State of the Art & Future Brain Technologies
  • Accelerating the Neurotechnology Industry
  • Connectomics & Brain Mapping
  • Challenges in Treating & Enhancing the Brain – from Brain Disorders to Superhumans
  • The Future of Brain Communication – Brain Machine Interface & Brain-Inspired Technologies
  • Investing in Brain Technology
  • MatchMaking Session for Brain Innovation & Partnering

General info

You can register for the first BrainTech Israel Conference with early bird discount until July 15th.


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