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Still Alive Studios’ Son of Nor is an under development 3rd person multiplatform game that is now officially going to support the Emotiv EPOC headset. Due to a partnership with Emotiv, the game will allow players to use their brainwaves to do spell-casting, telekinesis and terraforming during gameplay.

Son of Nor is an upcoming action adventure game set in the desert world of Noshrac, where landscapes can be dynamically shaped by the player’s will. The player controls Son of Nor, a human wizard with the mission to protect and preserve what is left of his race.

To help raise funds for the game Still Alive has launched a Son of Nor Kickstarter campaign. For those who support the development, the team has come up with various pledge tiers, among them a $300 and a $530 tier where backers will be rewarded with a complete game pack, including the EPOC headset itself.

As our long-time readers might know Emotiv is one of the leading companies in the consumer BCI industry. Their flagship product is the EPOC 14 sensors EEG brainwave headset which will be fully supported by Son of Nor in order to integrate innovative ways of human-computer interaction into a mass-market videogame. Although the player’s character’s movements wont be thought-controlled this time, but users will be able to lauch fireballs, spell magic and transform in-game environment using their mind only.

“We are so incredibly excited to have partnered with Emotiv to allow our players to be able to perform telekinesis, terraforming and magic with the power of thought.” said Still Alive CEO Julian Mautner:

“Our game is based around the characters having such powers within the game and now they can do it for real and fully immerse themselves by genuinely being given such abilities. It is phenomenal!”

If Son of Nor can manage to pledge a total of $150,000 until  May 30, 2013, the game will be launched on Linux, Mac and PC in the second quarter of 2014.

To show you the principles of the game, StillAlive put together a short video with a cheerful demonstration of Son of Nor, here you go:


Son of Nor concept images:

stillalive studios son of nor emotiv concept

stillalive studios son of nor emotiv scorpion

stillalive studios son of nor emotiv reptile