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If you have been patiently waiting since Axio announced a new EEG headband last summer, wait no more. The prototype device that was aimed to measure focus and improve mental performance has been completely redesigned, and will be launched as project Melon on Kickstarter on 14 May 2013.

Melon is the new name of the formerly known Axio headband, a wearable device equipped with EEG sensors to measure brainwaves and provide feedback in real-time. Melon is promised to provide the same features as Axio did and will be bundled with a mobile application that allows users to track their focus, task, and environment. Similarly to many other EEG headsets, Melon aims to give insights that help users understand themselves better and be more mindful and confident in their daily lives. At this point technical details of the headband are unknown.

The headband will kick off on Kickstarter a week from today but you can show your support even before the official launch. You can help the Melon team to gather 20% of the their funding goal before the launch (projects that reach 20% get featured on Kickstarter). Also from today you can sign up to Melon’s newsletter to receive latest news about the launch.

Crowdfunding campaigns can work really well for consumer oriented brain-computer interface products. Enough to mention InteraXon’s Muse headband, the brainwave controlled Puzzlebox Orbit Helicopter or the PC game Throw Trucks With Your Mind.

What is your gut feeling? Is Melon going to be a success too?
Watch the launch trailer video and let us know what you think in the comments below.

UPDATE, May 15, 2013
Melon launched on Kickstarter yesterday, within less than 24 hours reached more than 50% of its total funding goal ($100.000). The campaign ends on Jun 13, 2013.

Melon EEG brainwave headband

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