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Mind Tec

So you always wondered where to buy in Europe those irresistible Necomimi cat ears and the slightly more severe MindWave neuro-headset? A new distributor for the European region has opened its store at Mind Tec, the company behind the webshop, has been acting for years as NeuroSky’s existing fulfillment services, under the label of NeuroSky’s European Store site, and will now exist as a full distributing agent of NeuroSky. MindTec was founded in 2000 in Gießen (Germany) and over the years has grown to become one of the leading reseller store for brain-computer-interfaces (BCI) and a wide variety of bio- and neurofeedback products for the consumer market.

Mind Tec defines itself as ‘a professional partner for bio- and neurofeedback solutions’ who offers cost efficient EEG products that help you to improve your mental abilities and prevent or counter attention deficits, concentration disorders, AD(H)D or alzheimer’s disease.

While all future hardware online orders to the European region will be completed through the Mind Tec webshop, NeuroSky will also be migrating the majority of application purchases to be completed through a singular global app store site.

European purchasers may now go to to purchase digital applications.