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NeuroGaming 2013

The air is buzzing with excitement this morning in San Francisco at the first NeuroGaming Conference and Expo. A wide variety of people, ranging from neurosurgeons to musical composers, game designers to journalists (including us!) are here to discuss the present state, and future, of neurogaming.So far three products have really stood out and caught our attention.

First and foremost amongst them is Intific’s RealWorld with NeuroBridge. These guys are among the most interesting set of people we’ve spoken to at NeuroGaming 2013 so far.

The ideas behind their product are two-fold: to create a development environment that is easy for non-programmers to use, and to use neural feedback to create a more immersive gaming platform, originally designed for military training simulations. The software utilizes the B-Alert headset in order to create a more integrative environment. At the consumer level, however, the technology will be geared more towards education.

According to Amy Kruse, Vice President of Intific, this type of technology ‘has the potential to allow users to see what is in their mind, and learn to control it.’ Interestingly, the detection of ‘focused meditation’ states in users is modeled after the mental state of military snipers as measured by the B-Alert headset.

Here’s a quick snapshot of the NeuroGaming 2013 event, followed by a video of Intific’s game.

NeuroGaming 2013
Just a snapshot of the NeuroGaming 2013 Conference and Expo

Second of all, is the transcranial direct current stimulation headset. This is the first commercial non-invasive brain stimulating device, and is targeted at improving working memory function during game play. It also comes with attachment spots for additional stimulating electrodes, should hobbyists decide they want to create their own stimulation pattern. headset transcranial direct current stimulation headset – the first commercial non-invasive brain stimulating device. headsets headsets in multiple colors

Thirdly, B-Alert is demonstrating an impressive neuro-rehabilitation device aimed to restore hand motor function for patients with spinal chord injuries. The device, worn on the hand/wrist/lower arm, interfaces with the B-Alert EEG headset and stimulates the muscles of the arm in order to open and close the hand.

The NeuroGaming Conference is still rolling in San Francisco, stay tuned for more updates!