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It’s been a while since we have posted about neuromarketing, the interdisciplinary field between behavioral neuroscience and marketing. The term Neuromarketing was only first used in 2002 but barely more than a decade later the second edition of the Neuromarketing World Forum is organized: from 6-8 March, 2013 neuromarketing scientists and businessmen gather in São Paulo to share their latest insights and to celebrate their rapidly developing industry.

The first edition of the Neuromarketing World Forum was held last year in Amsterdam, but it was more or less an industry event, says Professor Richard Silberstein, president of the Neuromarketing Science & Business Association (NMSBA). “This year we are very happy to welcome a large group of regular business people,” says Mr Silberstein, adding that  “Managers, CMO’s and consumer insight professionals are traveling from all over the world to São Paulo to learn more about the application of consumer neuroscience to their business.”

Neuromarketing is the so-called marriage of behavioral neuroscience (‘why do we do what we do?’) and marketing (‘why do we buy what we buy?’). It uses biometric techniques like EEG, eye tracking, facial coding and fMRI to learn more about what consumers really think about products, services and communications. Biometrics measurements of unconscious responses turn out to be a better predictor of future purchases than for instance self-report.

The Neuromarketing World Forum takes place in the Renaissance hotel in São Paulo and is organized by the NMSBA and FGV Projetos. For more information and to check out the full list of speakers visit