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Following the first brain-controlled Android games UpCake and UpCake 2.0, app developer Personal Neuro Devices has launched a new title, Transcend, that gives its users real feedback about the quality and duration of their meditation sessions. Using NeuroSky’s MindWave Mobile (read our review of the headset), this paid application is promised to give confirmation when the meditation has been effective and is able to tell when a user is successfully achieving meditative states regularly.

According to the developer, Transcend is not just another meditation app, it comes with meditation guides for users new to the practice, or more experienced users looking to try a different style.

“This is the first mobile meditation app that gives constructive feedback based on actual neuro-imaging,” said Tony Gaitatzis, CTO and co-founder at Personal Neuro Devices. “Transcend incorporates proprietary brain-activity-analysis algorithms and is based on research studies with individuals who are new to the practice of mediation as well as experienced users.”

Data from each meditation session is gathered using the MindWave Mobile BCI headset. Stanley Yang , CEO of NeuroSky said he was very pleased to collaborate with Personal Neuro Devices to bring Transcend to market. “Transcend will significantly extend and enhance the usefulness and benefits of the MindWave Mobile headset to many new users.”, said Mr. Yang.

Transcend is currently available for Android only ($4.99 / £3.14 in Google Play) but an iOS version has also been submitted to the Apple App Store and will likely soon be available.

Original press release: PR Newswire

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