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Brain-computer interface research was the topic in Washington DC at the National Institute of Information and Communications Technology’s (NICT) 9th annual forum, which brought together American and Japanese scientists and representatives of federal science agencies. Best known for his advocacy on brain science research, Congressman Rep. Chaka Fattah addressed the forum on the Fattah Neuroscience Initiative and the significant neuroscience initiatives of the Obama Administration.

Fattah is a leading advocate for neuroscience, who has led the fight to increase federal funding for neuroscience research and to direct the White House to coordinate the efforts of government agencies engaged in such work.

“The potential of this new interface research is limitless,” Fattah said. “We have the real possibility for improving the quality of prosthetics, restoring muscle control to those with injuries or congenital conditions, or improving piloting skills.”

“The workings of the human brain have been called the last frontier for science,” Congressman Fattah said. “There is a growing consensus, both in the United States and worldwide, that much more needs to be done in brain research. We’re at a tipping point. There have been significant advances but we still only know about one percent of what we need to know.”

“With tens of millions of Americans suffering brain injury and disease themselves, or having brain disease impacting their families, neuroscience research must be at the highest level of national priority,” Fattah said.

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