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If you are a clinical trial professional who has never included EEG (electroencephalography) in trials, an Austrian company now wants to convince you of the merits of EEG. The Siesta Group, a Vienna based company providing services for clinical trials, is currently running the “EEG Awareness Weeks” between Jan 7 and Mar 31, 2013. The ongoing free webinar’s main topic is “What EEG can do for a trial”. On top of the online sessions a free feasibility analysis concerning efforts and costs of including EEG in an early or late phase trial is offered to all participants.

The Siesta Group is a leader for computer supported services in clinical trials and research involving sleep and/or EEG analysis and thus a prime partner for pharmaceutical and device industry. The free webinar is directed toward all clinical trial professionals who work on the development of CNS-active drugs and plan a new early or late phase clinical trial.

Interested persons can mark a date for the following webinars by contacting

  • Thursday, Feb 14, 2013, 4pm GMT (11am EST)
  • Friday, Mar 15, 2013, 3pm GMT (11am EDT)


  • Main EEG paradigms and endpoints
  • Brain disorders and drug action as seen in the EEG
  • The key-lock principle
  • PD/PK modeling with EEG
  • EEG topographies
  • How The Siesta Group can support clinical trial EEG

Every participant will be entitled to receive a free feasibility and cost analysis about including EEG in a mock or real sample trial. Including EEG can be much more cost-effective than expected.