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NeuroGaming Conference and Expo 2013

“There has never been a more exciting time for the gaming industry”, says Zack Lynch, founder of the NeuroGaming 2013 Conference and Expo, to be held in San Francisco, May 1-2, 2013. In his recent guest post written for VentureBeat, Mr Lynch talks about neurogaming, a new and rapidly growing segment of the game industry that will engage the minds of players in fundamentally new and exciting ways.We can only agree with Mr Lynch when he says we are at the dawn of the neurogaming age. Nothing proves it better than finally having a conference that offers an unprecedented glimpse into the future of games, combining emotional, cognitive, sensory and behavioral technologies to create radically new experiences for gamers. If you are interested in consumer oriented BCI technology or the future of gaming -and you don’t mind paying out $1,150 for the ticket (before March 1)-, this is definitely a must attend event for you or your company. This will be the consumer BCI industry’s own E3 show dear readers, and it will be huge!

The NeuroGaming Conference won’t be limited to brain-controlled games though. Augmented reality, multi-sensory concepts and cognitive enhancing devices will be just as welcome as the key people behind the new ideas. From the biggest names of the BCI/game industry –Emotiv, NeuroSky, Microsoft, Disney, Valve, Advanced Brain Monitoring, NeuroMatters, Personal Neuro Devices, Zynga, etc.- to angel investors and game producers, the Conference will bring together all the important people this May at the YetiZen Game Innovation Center.

Simultaneously with the Conference, there will be an Expo to let you get your hands and minds on all the new neurogaming technologies.

To please the hackers as well, the weekend prior to the conference the organizers will host a NeuroGaming Hackfest, a fantastic opportunity to see more creative ideas like the call diverting brainwave application that recently won the AT&T Hackathon.

At last but not least, the main events will be followed by the NeuroGaming 2013 Lab where all neurogaming technologies exhibited at the expo will be available to developers 10am-8pm daily for all of 2013.


Main topics of the NeuroGaming 2013 Conference

  • The Next Interface – Sensory Gaming Platforms
  • Feeling Human – Emotional Gaming Platforms
  • Think, Think, Think: Cognitive Gaming Platforms
  • Investing in NeuroGaming
  • Engaging Mind and Body: Deep Engagement 201
  • Immersive Experiences: Augmented and Virtual Reality
  • Sounds and Scents – Expanding the Limits of Game Experiences
  • NeuroGaming Brain Health: Therapeutic NeuroGaming
  • Future of Game Design: Multi-Sensory Experiences
  • Getting to Know You: Behavioral Gaming Platforms
Follow this link to see the complete agenda.

Event highlights

At NeuroGaming 2013 you’ll…

  • Find out how neurogaming technologies are creating new growth opportunities
  • See what venture and strategic investors are looking to fund in the space
  • Hear from industry thought leaders and start up veterans on what’s next
  • Learn how neurogaming will impact all facets of the gaming industry
  • Discover new partnering and revenue making opportunities
  • Try out the latest neurogaming technologies for yourself

To register or learn more about the NeuroGaming 2013 Conference and Expo, visit the official event website: