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From a BCI point of view perhaps the most exciting thing happening at CES 2013 is that InteraXon are debuting the Muse headband along with Brain Health System, an application that allows the user to see how well they are performing so they can enhance their brain health. Although Muse was already presented at TechCrunch Disrupt and demoed on stage at LeWeb 2012, at CES 2013 this is actually the first time when members of the public get a change to try Muse.

The presence of InteraXon at CES is a ground breaking opportunity for the Toronto based company to showcase their front-running product. It is also an important event for the whole brain health/BCI technology market.

The Muse headband was an amazing success story on the Indiegogo fundraising site. Its success comes probably from the excellent design: the device is sleek and discreet enough to be worn in public but powerful enough to be considered as a serious health gadget. It uses 4 electroencephalography (EEG) electrodes to measure brainwaves in real time. On the software side, its first official application, the Brain Health System has been developed to capitalize on these real time recordings in order to allow the user to strengthen cognitive and emotional processes through targeted training exercises.

According to Ariel Garten, Founder and CEO of InteraXon, this holistic approach differentiates Muse from most other systems, which only focus on the cognitive aspects. “With over 70 percent of all doctor and hospital visits being due to stress-related illnesses we wanted to design a brain health system that helped both the cognitive and emotional,” said Ariel, who also added: “So many brain trainers focus on the cognitive aspects of the mind, but the emotional side is just as crucial. There needs to be a balance for you to have a healthy mind. We’re very excited to showcase our technology at CES.”

Muse on display at CES 2013
Muse on display at CES 2013 Photo credits: InteraXon
muse ces sensors
Muse headband at the InteraXon booth Photo credits:
muse ces
Muse headband at the InteraXon booth Photo credits:

InteraXon are also launching a pre-order portal for Muse at with a special CES discount of $175. This is not a webshop, much more like a reservation page where people can leave their info and InteraXon will get back to them and deliver Muse – after confirmation of their order and shipping info sometime in mid-3013. The special CES promotional pre-order price is available only until January 15th, 2013.

Along with their presence on the CES floor, InteraXon also set up their famous thought-controlled beer tap at a number of CES parties, including a future tech/wearable tech fashion show.