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tailly tail

Remember Shippo, the brain-controlled tail that wags according to your mood? OK, forget the cool Japanese name and the brainwave-based functionality. The Shippo project has been renamed to the more Western-friendly Tailly and it has also replaced the brainwave-reading system with the more suitable heart rate monitor sensors. Tailly has its own Kickstarter campaign aiming to raise £60,000.

The developer of the first Necomimi prototype for Neurowear, Shota Ishiwatari, has recently set up its own company, Kiluck and launched a fundraising campaign for Tailly on Kickstarter.

Tailly is a wearable wagging tail which reacts to the user’s heart rate, using sensors on the inside of the belt. The tail has a neutral position but it starts wagging once when the wearer gets excited and their heart rate increases. When the user’s heart beat calms down, the speed of the tail’s wagging decreases.

According to Ishiwatari, Tailly is not just a toy, it’s an extension of the wearer’s body. It is designed to boost up your social life: you can wear it during parties, or while out with friends or playing with children. The company even suggests to wear Tailly on a date to express your true feelings through the wagging tail – it’s a good idea when you date someone from your local cosplayer community, but if your partner is from the real world, you should probably not start with your tail on the first date.

We asked Necomimi about the name change on Twitter and they confirmed that Tailly is indeed the new name for Shippo:

Necomimi tweet

If Tailly meets the £60,000 fundraising goal, Kliuck will produce 3000 Taillys and deliver the first tails to the supporters by August 2013. To support Tailly visit the product’s Kickstarter page.

Watch the official Tailly campaign video:

Tailly tail