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Today marks the second anniversary of our website, hooray! As a perfect present for us, we can proudly announce a change of +270% of our unique visitors and a +204% of pageviews compared to our first year’s traffic*.

If you have been a fan of Neurogadget for a while you might remember that this day last year we shared a few numbers regarding our first year’s performance and we listed our most popular articles. Today we’re doing it again, simply because we’re so happy with the growth of the website.

But first of all we would like to thank all of you lovely readers out there who have visited in the past two years! Without you this website wouldn’t be here today, your comments, emails and returning visits keep Neurogadget going and growing.

Also big thank to all members of our team who voluntarily contribute their time, experience and enthusiasm to Neurogadget’s mission, namely to bring all news about brain-computer interfaces to our audience.

And now let’s see the summary of our second year:

Neurogadget in numbers

  • Total number of posts published on Neurogadget so far: 334
  • Total number of our unique visitors during the two years: 160.000 (was 33.000 during the first year, 127.000 during the second)
  • Our best month so far: October 2012 with 56.000 pageviews and 35.000 unique visitors (yes, in one month)
  • Number of countries we have had visitors from: 189 (which is almost the whole World, given that most sources count 196 countries on our planet)

Our social presence

  • Followers on Twitter: 548 (was 210 a year ago)
  • Followers on Facebook: 471 (was 101 on our first birthday)

The second year’s Top 5

Below we’ve gathered the top 5 most popular articles from our second year, based on Google Analytics pageviews. Our anniversary is a good occasion to read either for the first time or recall them if you have seen them before:

1. New HAL Exoskeleton: Brain-Controlled Full Body Suit to Be Used In Fukushima Cleanup

2. The Dalai Lama has given his blessing to Dmitry Itskov’s Avatar 2045 project

3. Show Your Mood with Brain-Controlled “Necomimi” Cat Ears

4. TED: Neil Harbisson Talks About Being A Cyborg, How It Feels When Software and Brain Unite

5. A Brain Implant that Improves Memory and Decision-Making, Helps to Make Up Your Mind

We are growing along with the brain-computer interface industry. Stay with us, keep reading us and feel free to comment any post, subscribe to our monthly newsletter (no spam, we promise), follow us on Twitter, like us on Facebook, repin our Pinterest wall and contact us any time via email on the address!

Thanks again guys, we very much appreciate your support!

The Neurogadget Team

*Source: Neurogadget’s Google Analytics profile