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Necomimi brain-controlled devil ears halloween horns

What will you wear this Halloween? The good old brain-controlled cat ears may just be too boring for your annual trick-or-treat route so the Necomimi Store is now offering a devil horn accessory for $24.95. Just like EMOKI’s wide selection of animal ears, the Necomimi halloween horns can also be easily slipped on and off the headset to suit your mood or the occasion.As you probably know by now, Necomimi is an extremely popular brain-controlled headset with ears that move according to the user’s brainwave patterns, mirroring the wearer’s emotions in real time. A sensor placed on the wearer’s forehead monitors the brain, so the ears perk up when the user is alert, drop down to show relaxation and wiggle back and forth when the user is “in the zone.”

The halloween horns are just the tip of the iceberg. They are part of Necomimi’s new Nec-cessory line, replacing the standard white ears that come with the main unit. In other words, now you have the choice to buy different ear styles not just from EMOKI (read our interview with them) but directly from Necomimi. To choose between a variety of ears – including black, brown and jungle leopard styles – hurry up and check out the Necomimi Store.