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Frankenstein Building The Bionic Human Bertolt Meyer

Frankenstein: Building The Bionic Human is a new science documentary, soon to be on Channel 4 in the UK, that aims to construct an artificial human from bionic body parts. The special documentary is using $1 million-worth of cutting edge limbs and organs borrowed from some of the world’s leading research centres and manufacturers.British broadcaster Channel 4 and US network Smithsonian have commissioned Endemol-owned Darlow Smithson to produce a big-budget television documentary following a team of robotics experts attempting to build a complete human body.

The programme’s presenter, psychologist Bertolt Meyer, who has a bionic hand himself, wants to find out how close bio-technology is to catching up with, exploring the technologies at the forefront of bionics and investigating their potential impact on our future, from bionic limbs and mechanical hearts, to eye implants and microchip brains.

Frankenstein: Building The Bionic Human will follow the efforts of a team of robotics experts as they try to build a complete human using US$1m worth of cutting-edge limbs and organs from research centres around the world.

“We are always looking for ways to tell stories in innovative ways, but building a complete human artificial body has been one of DSP’s most ambitious undertakings yet. By creating our own Frankenstein out of artificial body parts, we hope to engage the audience in a revolution that is changing the face of medicine.” commented Julian Ware, creative director at Darlow Smithson.

Here at Neurogadget we are looking forward to see the programme aired. We just hope that at the end of the story they will operate the artificial body through a human mind – that would be breathtaking, indeed.