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Eye tracking leader SensoMotoric Instruments (SMI) integrates neuro-technology by Emotiv to create an excellent plug and play tool for neuromarketing and applied neurosciences. It combines a perfect match of technologies consisting of the SMI RED-m remote eye tracker and the Emotiv EPOC headset. The package is launched just in time for the Annual Meeting of the Society for Neuroscience (SfN) starting this week-end in New Orleans, USA.SMI, a leader in eye tracking technology, and brain computer interface manufacturer Emotiv, announce a highly integrated and easy to use solution for the online analysis of emotional responses. A special SMI software package allows for the synchronized measurement of both data streams and for the visualization and analysis of scientific grade SMI eye movement data together with raw and interpreted EEG data streams of the EPOC headset – all in one easy to use interface.

Highly portable, robust in data

The small and robust SMI RED-m remote eye tracking system perfectly complements the capabilities of the Emotiv Neuroheadset. Both devices are easy to set up, highly portable, and robust in data collection. The Emotiv headset interprets surface electrical impulses of the brain (EEG) while the SMI RED-m captures eye movement data and events with high precision and accuracy. Due to the intelligent algorithms used, both solutions work for virtually anyone, without any need for adaptation.

SMI’s Experiment Suite software shows a live stream of users’ eye movements as well as raw EEG data stream and the unique and dynamic emotion measures calculated by the Affectiv™ suite from Emotiv. For analysis, users can create eye tracking visualizations such as scan paths and heatmaps combined with the Emotiv’s emotional state representations. Eye tracking raw and event data (fixations, saccades, pupil dilation etc.) can ultimately be exported together with synchronized Emotiv EEG raw data for further analysis.

“Combined information about the user’s gaze and saccades and their neurological and emotional responses in real time will have applications from basic research and behavioral studies through to possible future neurological diagnoses”, said Dr Geoff Mackellar, CTO of Emotiv.

“The current solution is perfectly designed for our small and portable SMI RED-m system but also support our powerful 500 Hz high end eye tracker RED500. And we already foresee the step to fully mobile applications – by co-registering data captured with the unique SMI Eye Tracking Glasses and the Emotiv EEG Neuroheadset technology”, commented Dr Ingmar Gutberlet from SensoMotoric Instruments.


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