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Shippo brain-controlled tail demo Tokyo Game Show 2012 girl

So you liked that concept video of Shippo so much that you wanted to add your Necomimi ears a twist immediately with their brain-controlled tail counterpart. Sorry guys, the bad news is that Shippo is still not available, not even for pre-order. But if you were lucky enough to go to the Tokyo Game Show 2012, you must have seen the Neurowear booth loaded with people wearing prototypes of the white fluffy tail, some of them wearing it along with Necomimi.Earlier this week, Neurowear – the company behind Necomimi and Shippo – uploaded two new videos recorded on TGS2012. You can see how the tails are funnily swinging faster and slower, indicating the wearer’s ever-changing mental state. The tails on the video are connected to a NeuroSky MindWave headset, although there’s no word whether the final product will keep the MindWave or will receive its own sensors, or perhaps will be somehow linked to the Necomimi sensors.

All we know for sure is that Shippo will ship with a dedicated mobile application that reads and records the user’s mood and tags it to their exact location on a map. This will enable users to share and search for locations based on mood-rates, for instance it will let you find restaurants where most people feel relaxed.

If you want to learn more about Shippo the best link to keep an eye on is but be prepared that there is such a huge demand for Shippo that the guys at Neurowear are very likely overloaded with customer inquiries.

 Enjoy these new Shippo videos!