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Want to be a part of the brain-control revolution? All you need to do is support eSharp, an open source project for faster and easier brain-computer interface app development to Microsoft Visual C#. eSharp is the latest brainchild of Robert Oschler, a veteran programmer and robotics enthusiast who has been developing incredibly creative applications for robots and brain-computer interfaces for years.

eSharp, a project officially backed by Emotiv, aims to remove most of the learning curve from developing apps with the Emotiv SDK, making the process easier and more fun, thereby opening the doors to BCI development to a wider range of C# developers. Visual C# is the dominant programming language on the Windows PC platform, and combined with the open source eSharp, the project is poised to accelerate the arrival of a new wave of exciting and interesting apps that can detect and react to your mental state.

This video below shows different creative examples of how easy it is to create brain-controlled applications via eSharp. The first sample is a YouTube player app that detects facial expressions, such as smiling, and creates a note in the Evernote software every time the expression occurs. It even records when you stop smiling. An other eSharp example is Tag Cloud Viewer that lets you spin a tag cloud with simple head movements and select specific tags with just a blink of an eye.

To make the revolution happen, the eSharp project has to raise $3,000 by September 27th on Indiegogo, a crowd funding website very similar to Kickstarter.

Those who contribute to the project will also receive some perks, including 10% discount on their next Emotiv EPOC purchase!


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