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Executives from leading firms in the consumer neurotechnology market will hold their presentations at the 2012 Consumer Neurotech Conference in San Francisco on October 23. The new event takes place on the second day of the 2012 Neurotech Leaders Forum, now in its 12th year.

The organizer of the conference, Neurotech Reports, claims that the event will offer an exclusive forum for executives and entrepreneurs from the entire neurotechnology industry to interact with investors, technologists, and potential partners from the computer, gaming, entertainment, and training industries.

To start the conference with some neuromarketing, Steven Miller from Nielsen NeuroFocus will give a presentation on applications of brain sensing technology in market research, advertising, and retailing. In case you have missed the news, NeuroFocus was acquired by Nielsen in 2011.

He will be followed by Amy Kruse, vice president of Intific, Inc., who will talk about neurotech applications in sports and gaming. Intific has collaborated with neurotech researchers to develop games and virtual environments used in the military, education, and gaming applications.

If you attend the conference you will also be lucky enough to hear among others Geoffrey Mackellar, CTO of Emotiv, who will discuss the potential for uniting users of brain sensing system via the Internet and wireless networks. As you probably know Emotiv’s 14-sensor EPOC headset is the most advanced consumer brain-computer interface out there, used with many games and educational applications.

Adam Gazzaley, director of the Neuroscience Imaging Center at UC San Francisco, will discuss how neurotechnology is being used to enhance cognitive abilities.

Chip Fisher from Fisher Wallace Laboratories, will describe his company’s low-cost transcranial stimulation system. George Carpenter from CNS Response, will describe his firm’s use of EEG waveforms in diagnosing psychiatric disorders. And Lee Gerdes, CEO of Brain State Technologies, will speak about their system targeted at the wellness market.

Speaking of consumer applications of neurotechnology it is a bit odd not to see anyone from NeuroSky among the speakers but still it is good to have such a conference and hopefully next year even more companies will have the chance to present their business.

More info:
Downloadable Conference Brochure PDF

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