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On the last day of the Intel Developer Forum 2012 in San Francisco, Intel’s chief technology officer Justin Rattner surprised everyone by stepping on stage wearing the famous Necomimi cat ears. If you’ve been reading Neurogadget for a while, by now you should be familiar with Necomimi because we posted so many times about these cute brain-controlled cat ears.When Justin Rattner started his keynote ‘Connecting to the Future’ he was wearing a white pair of Necomimi ears and more importantly he was speaking about how Intel sees the future of technology.

“At Intel Labs we’re part of that perceptual computing effort” said Mr Rattner, adding that “we decided, of course, since we’re research people, we would go all the way to mindreading. And here’s the prototype.”, referring to his furry moving ears.

He also admitted that wearing the cat during a keynote is a bit disturbing.

“I have to tell you, I actually did an entire presentation with the ears on. And after a while, it’s really a pain in the neck. You know, because nobody is listening to you, just as right now you’re not listening to me, you’re just looking at the ears and waiting for them to do something completely ridiculous. The instructions actually say that if you’re very calm, the ears will fold down. But I’ll be going full key, and the ears will fall down, so I don’t know. Anyway, I’m not going to wear them for the whole keynote this morning, but this is our contribution to the perceptual computing revolution.”

For the rest of his presentation Rattner talked about how everything will be connected in the future.

“It’s pretty clear now with the mobile computing revolution that, in the future, everything that computes will connect. Connect to one another. Connect to the Internet. Everything will be connected,” Rattner said.

“And increasingly [it will] always be connected. From the simplest embedded sensor to the most sophisticated high-end supercomputer you can imagine, I think nearly all of them will connect, one way or another, wirelessly.”

It’s a direction Intel has been heading in for some time, Rattner said—a decade, in fact.

You can watch the keynote video, read the whole speech and download the presentation and on the official Intel IDF2012 website.

Via Neurosky Twitter