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It all started with a concept idea back in spring 2011 when the Japanese Neurowear company uploaded a video of brainwave controlled cat ears, just for fun. By now that particular Youtube video has received more than 2.6 million views and you’ll find hundreds of other videos – most of them uploaded by fans – if you search for Necomimi.

Although the phenomenon started as a joke, it has evolved to a fantastic product that any US customers can buy today. Even a limited-edition Wolf Ear version has been released to celebrate the premier of a Japanese anime, Wolf Children.

If you have ever wondered how these emotion-driven cat ears really work, Neurosky has something to show you today. The company behind the unique brainwave sensor technology has shared a product guide on the official Necomimi Facebook page to help you to make the most fun out of your Necomimi. The Necomimi Instructional Video explains how to operate the device, goes into details from the power button to the battery case, and gives you tips on how to interact with your friends and express your emotions when it comes to flirting, playing poker, cheering your team or a going to a costume party.



Watch the video below and learn more about the calibration of the device, the different mental states (for instance the ears can recognize when you are ‘in the zone’ or in ‘flow’, meaning your activity is fully immersed in a feeling of energized focus) and see different ear-styles you can choose from to fit your individual personality.