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HeadSpace, a new Johannesburg-based neuromarketing agency combines the science of radiology and marketing using EEG technology to provide biometric markers of consumer response to advertising. South African marketer John Laurence and radiologist Dr Gary Sudwarts have set up their neuromarketing agency to examine consumer behaviour driven by neural processes that occur below the level of consciousness.

Using five different ‘neurometrics’, the firm analyses the performance of an ad and provides guidance on how to improve its effectiveness. Laurence and Sudwarts claim that by combining these  metrics with responses from a traditional questionnaire they can gain a much richer and deeper comprehension of the efficacy of a client’s marketing communication.

Laurence explains: ‘EEG’s greatest advantage is that it allows us to measure response during the actual exposure to the commercial rather than having to rely on consumer recall after exposure. It helps clients build superior strategies, utilising innovative marketing principles drawn from disciplines such as behavioural economics and neuroscience.