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Our fellow readers should remember well the California-based PLX Devices who came to our attention almost two years ago with XWave, a cool BCI headset for iPhone that we reviewed last summer in greater detail. Although the original XWave is no longer available on the PLX website, it has been replaced with XWave Sport, a similar product in a wearable, washable, sweat absorbing design.The XWave Sport is a flashy brain computer interface headband for just $99 that measures and detects your brainwaves through a soft conductive fabric placed gently over your left eyebrow. Just like its predecessor it translates the brainwave information into useful mental states. Your relaxation, focus and other parameters can be measured and sent to your mobile device and/or PC. Apps are available from games, brain training, and mental health training.

“The XWave Sport is simply cool,” said Paul Lowchareonkul, PLX’s CEO. “It can be worn everyday and in public without feeling self conscious about the technology. For the first time, medical grade EEG technology can be used discretely and completely hidden away from public view.”

The headband is designed to be comfortable, washable and sweat absorbing so ideal for outdoor activities. It maintains a solid connection in even the most demanding physical activities such as mountain biking, running and other high vibration applications. It employs conductive fabric and gently makes contact with your forehead to reliably detect your brainwave signals. The headbands are available in multiple color options.

The controller module includes a built-in lithium battery capable of operating the XWave Sport for 6 hours on a single charge. It includes an AC adapter to charge the XWave Sport in as little as 30 minutes. It also includes an integrated Bluetooth module to pair with iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad, Android, and PC apps. The module is extremely small (1.5 x 1.0 x 0.47 in) and when tucked away in the headband it is not noticeable. The patent pending ear clip ground has also been reinvented with magnetic clips designed to make contact on the top of your ear for improved signal performance and better aesthetic appeal. The controller module is completely removable from the headband so that it can be washed without damaging the electronics.

Software development kits (SDK) are available for application developers for the Apple iOS, Android and PC platform. This allows app developers to add compelling hardware interfaces for any type of application. Whether it is relaxation, brain training, entertainment, games, social networking, sports, sleep, the possibilities are endless with the XWave Sport.