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Axio, a Cambridge startup company, has created an EEG headband that aims to measure focus, and improve mental performance. 

According to the manufacturer, by wearing Axio the users can learn how to get better control over their brains. The headband has built-in EEG sensors that measure brainwaves in real-time and provide feedback using Bluetooth technology. The Axio headband is still a prototype but Arye Barnehama, Co-founder of Axio, says that the product will be launched by the end of summer 2012. No word on the pricing and distribution yet. Recently Engadget posted a hands-on preview about the prototype and has an interesting correspondence with founder Barnehama, so just follow the links to see more pics and learn details about the product.



Concept of the final version of the Axio EEG headband, which will use three silver-chloride dry electrodes to measure neural activity in the prefrontal cortex