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A research group at Keio University has developed a simple brain-wave meter to identify, in real time, whether a person is showing interest, concentration, desire, stress, or sleepiness. The researchers claim that they have taken a very different approach to analyzing brainwaves.

The researchers, led by Associate Professor Yasue Mitsukura, are using this device to develop applications for visualizing sleepiness, concentration, and stress. Such applications are expected to have many uses.

“Until now, brain-wave records were stored, and then analyzed. For example, when a TV commercial was aired, researchers found out which parts mattered to viewers afterwards. But with this system, you can see which parts viewers don’t like right away, in real time. That’s the main advantage of this system.”

The researcher in the video also adds that they are doing “R&D on futuristic communication, for example, a cellphone that could text what you’re thinking.”

Putting thought-control into mobile phones is a very promising idea, indeed, we can’t wait to have Siri reading our mind.