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A new neurometrics experimental lab will be opened in Mosta to provide services in the field of neuromarketing. The scope of the lab is to focus on information related to the human body, particularly the brain, and applied to the field of marketing. The lab will be equipped with a 32 channel and 16 channel EEG clinical systems, eye tracking devices and pulse meters.

“Our aim is to be a unique centre for a number of projects. We have already embarked on an EU project with the University of Bedfordshire dealing with the sleeping brain,” said Adrian Attard Trevisan, clinical neuroscientist and the manager of the new lab.

The field of neuromarketing studies the reactions of the human body and brain to stimuli used in marketing. For example when a company develops a new product, this is shown to a focus group and the reactions of the brain to the product are recorded, so that the company immediately knows the reaction of the market when it is potentially released commercially.

Mr Trevisan is an audio engineering graduate who is pursuing postgraduate studies in audiological sciences and neurosciences. He has studies and lectured on neurofeedback in the UK. He has also come up with a system that converts brain waves into music that has good potential as a communication tool.