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The SWARM extreme is a university research project aiming to control the popular AR.Drone Parrot helicopter in a truly unusual way. Two students managed to use only their brain wave signals to fly the popular RC toy.Jitendra Bothra and Baturalp Torun, two students from the Northeastern University College of Computer and Information Science, have decided to set up a channel between the the Emotiv EPOC brain-computer interface headset and the AR.Drone helicopter. The SWARM system they created is able to control multiple AR.Drones at the same time and can be extended to run on different environments. Although they faced many problems, they claim that in the future the BCI technology could be used to control devices of our daily routine, like cars, phones and other electronics.

According to their project slides Bothra and Torun both predict a future where EEG devices could be improved to a level where controlling devices with our thoughts will become as natural as controlling one’s body parts. Watch the video below and check the slides at for detailed info on the project.