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When we visited the NeuroSky booth at the Gadget Show Live and spoke to their nice and friendly team, Tansy Brook, Head of Communication, kindly reminded us about their ongoing IndieGogo project: Trapped In My Mind: Building the NeuroSky iOS Brain Speller.

The reason why NeuroSky have turned to the use of a fundraising website is to help people who are unable to communicate. This is a noble initiative indeed – we should have written about it earlier – so please do whatever you can, donate or share, to help the creation of a free brain speller application.

According to NeuroSky, as a startup they are ‘not in a position (nor have the software development expertise) to create special applications’ for patients but they believe there are applications that can be designed to provide some basic functionality by combining low-cost brain-computer interface technology and iOS (iPad and iPhone) devices.

In order to help, NeuroSky has created the NeuroSky Assistive Technology Fund to provide financing to pay passionate developers to work with local patients in order to design a suite of applications for these communities. Once completed, the applications will be posted to the iTunes app store and made available for free to the public.

NeuroSky will dedicate whatever funds raised during the IndieGogo campaign to creating these free applications. The target amount is $50,000 but whatever money they reach will go to building components of this set.

Donating money to the project is not the only way to help! You can also contribute by simply sharing NeuroSky’s IndieGogo post!

To get an idea on how and why can the brainwave technology help disabled people, watch the video below. It shows Michael who at age 16 had a massive heart attack while playing football. He was not given any oxygen because he was believed to be having a seizure. He received global brain damage, similar to Locked-in Syndrome and now has limited mobility and communication capabilities. His rehabilitation doctor (Diane) purchased the Star Wars Force Trainer for him.