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Not only the Necomimi cat ears will be launched at the Gadget Show Live in Birmingham this week, but also MindWave Mobile, NeuroSky’s latest brain-computer interface headset. The new device that uses Bluetooth to connect to your mobile is the world’s first BCI headset compatible with Android and Apple iOS platforms (including iPhone, iPod Touch and the iPad). But don’t worry, you can use it with PC and Mac as well.

The headset comes in a bundle with MyndPlay, an application that lets you control videos with your mind, but according to NeuroSky there are currently more than 100 apps available for the MindWave Mobile. Some of them can be found in the App Store (e.g. a funny zombie game or artistic dreams), others are available in Google Play (Up Cake) and loads of others, like the educational FocusPocus (read our review) can be downloaded from the NeuroSky Store.

MindWave Mobile, the world’s first brain-computer interface for iOS and Android mobile platforms
NeuroSky’s MindWave Mobile is the world’s first brain-computer interface for iOS and Android mobile platforms

NeuroSky will also participate in the daily Super Theatre show in an on-stage contest, using MindWave Mobile brainwave controlled shopping carts filled with amazing gadget prizes, including the Necomimi cat ears, which you can only get by winning!

If you are not lucky enough to win a pair of Necomimi, you can still experience in first hand this Japanese sensation – that received three million YouTube hits – by stopping by the NeuroSky Future Tech Zone Booth for a demonstration. You can also place a pre-order if you can’t wait to wear every day the moving ears.

Neurogadget will also attend the Gadget Show Live so expect fresh posts, first hand photos and videos from the UK’s largest consumer electronic expo!