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How to get your girlfriend to like your MindWave headset? Try this: UpCake is a totally pink brain-controlled game for your phone. You might find the gameplay a bit too simple or boring but consider that this is the very first BCI game on Android platform and also it is completely FREE.

According to the game’s developer Personal Neuro Devices, the objective of the game is to float a beautiful and yummy looking cupcake higher and higher up into the clouds. The challenge a player faces in completing this objective arise from other forces that are weighing on the cupcake and pushing it down. In order to fly the cupcake you must focus as much as you can. The game rewards the highest levels of concentration.

Main features of UpCake:

  • Compatible with the NeuroSky MindWave EEG headset (required)
  • 10 levels with increasing difficulty
  • Total score at the end of the 10th level, comparable with other players
  • Free

Download the Windows version from or the Android version from Google Play (formerly Android Market)
Via NeuroSky Twitter
Watch a video of UpCake’s gameplay: