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Apparently Ottawa has its own gaming industry, and what an innovative one! The Ottawa Game Conference is organized by a consortium of Ottawa game developers and business organizations to showcase in global industry advances and to have a forum for strengthening the development industry in the Ottawa area. This year the conference will also include an evening reception celebrating innovation, including motion and thought-controlled games.

“Gaming was once considered a trend, or solely kids’ entertainment, but when we examine how it has permeated our daily lives and found a home on devices from consoles to PCs to mobile phones, it’s clear that it has become part of our cultural bedrock. This conference celebrates Ottawa’s role in the expansion and innovation of the gaming industry and facilitates our growth as a business community,” said Mike Burns, CEO, Fuel Industries.

That’s all we know at the moment but we hope to get more details on that special evening reception. We really wonder what companies will present their BCI games or concepts.

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Via Gamasutra